eva grello

new silkscreened business cards!


just in time for zine fest (as in the night before) i finished my newest round of silkscreened business cards! with 6 layers on the front & 3 on the back, this was the most ambitious project i've taken on since graduating. i designed a pattern for the back and about 18 different card designs for the front.

after designing the file in photoshop, i printed out the 9 separate color layers as "films" (the paper i physically use to burn the screen). jonas and i recently upgraded our exposure unit, so i thought i'd be able to burn my screens using baby-oiled inkjet prints on normal paper. see below (pre-baby oiled)(baby oil just makes the white more transparent)

after a failed screen or two, I accepted that due to the amount of fine detail,  i needed to splurge on waterproof transparencies instead (higher contrast film= easier to burn). burning these screens was a lot of trial and error- i probably burned 5 failed screens from start to finish. it's challenging to burn a highly detailed screen without an exposure unit that has a vacuum- and factors such as mesh count, mesh color, screen tension, etc, all effect how long to expose your films.

i didn't do an excellent job documenting each step in the process, but here's a picture of the first layer i printed:


the printing process itself goes fairly quickly. i really love the physical component of silkscreening; it's satisfying to use my strength to push the ink through the screen. i like having a physical relationship to my artwork, it makes me feel more connected to what i'm making & more excited to share it.

the printing process took me about a week and in the end, i have about 650 silkscreened cards. whew!

<<and here's a bonus picture documenting the reality of printing in a 400 sq ft house. every surface was covered with a print (not pictured are the cats! who were very interested in stepping on wet prints and then tracking ink everywhere)>>



There’s Ketchup Everywhere

It’s official: we’ve submitted our souls to legally binding tax servitude under the fictitious business name: “Heck Ketchup Co.“ After all, we’re in the business of fictitious business.


Fiction is a hot commodity, and Heck Ketchup serves it extra hot!  Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to taste our USDA choice nonsense at the OC Zine Fest, Art (walk) in Bixby Park, or at the Sound and Sea Gallery, where we have been exhibiting our zines, tees, and treasures over the last month.  It’s been a nonstop joy-ride, producing and selling our propaganda, and we have hardly had time to reflect and write about it.



If you haven’t seen what we do already, we just put a small semblance of our inventory on our new online $hop; you can find some of our zines and postcards there for now, & we will add our tee shirt designs soon!


The way we have been up-cycling tee shirts has left us with a large variety of sizes and styles.  It is great because every shirt we’ve sold has been one-of-a-kind, hand made.  However we are working on photographing what we have made and finding some more consistency in terms of sizes and colors ;)


If you met us at one of our events, please contact us about printing a design for you, which we may not have had in your size/color/style.  We would be happy to make one for you and we will cover the small shipping fee to get it to you!


…Up Next: Come say Hello to us at our table at the San Fernando Valley Zine Fest.  Saturday, September 23, 5pm -10pm.



See you in Heck!